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An Imagined Elsewhere: The City of Cities

An essay by Colum McCann published in World Unfurled by Matteo Pericoli (Chronicle Books, 2008) We leave: it’s inevitable. We sometimes come home: that’s our choice. In the process, we can bring our home country to another land, or we can cart that other, distant country back toward our own and sometimes make it new. And so, every building we have […]


LabLitArch News: Two Illuminating Workshops

From the LabLitArch News page  The first workshop was held in April, in collaboration with professor Marco Maggi of USI University of Lugano (CH), Institute of Italian Studies, and organized by the City of Lugano.An array of participants, including USI literary students, graduate design students, and two selfless local architects (Flora and Michela), attended. Professor Maggi’s […]


Architettura letteraria. Una conversazione con Matteo Pericoli

di Marco Maggi Arabeschi N. 12, Dicembre 2018 Con l’aria di disegnare architetture e profili di città, Matteo Pericoli conduce da vent’anni un’indagine profonda e affascinante sul senso dei luoghi e dell’abitare. L’autore stesso la definisce una «ricerca dello spazio attraverso il disegno del dettaglio». All’origine fu Manhattan Unfurled (2001), lo skyline della City di […]


The Routledge Companion on Architecture, Literature and The City

It’s finally here and it is so exciting to see the Laboratory of Literary Architecture in a major academic publication! The Routledge Companion on Architecture, Literature and The City, edited by Jonathan Charley, features a chapter on the LabLitArch, which includes a narrative on the genesis of the laboratory, images, project samples, the Literary Architecture […]


L’Architettura delle storie – RSI Rete 2

Matteo Pericoli: l’architettura delle storie di Alessandra Garzoni In onda: 2 luglio 2019 – ore 8:00 Architetto e disegnatore attivo in Europa e negli Stati Uniti, Matteo Pericoli si interroga da anni sul perché le storie “stanno in piedi”. L’Architettura Letteraria, pratica innovativa di cui si occupa, esplora lo spazio narrativo passando per la costruzione […]


I WELCOME @ DOX Centre for Contemporary Art

Prague, March 29, 2018 It’s a great honor to be part of Amnesty International’s “I WELCOME” campaign through this Art for Amnesty project exhibited at DOX Centre for Contemporary Art in Prague. When I was asked to participate I wondered: “What do I do?”, “What do I welcome?”, “What have I learned from my predictable […]