“Of course, all windows look in as much as they look out. Matteo Pericoli not only allows us this double privilege but gives us a chance to carry those visions with us. He creates, essentially, a literary landscape without walls.”

Colum McCann

An “original, beautiful book … the work is precise, careful, and somehow nearly surreal … the illustrations work very much like the best fiction.”

The Boston Globe

“Matteo Pericoli Gorgeously Illustrates Writers’ Views And Workspaces”

The Huffington Post

Windows on the World: 50 Writers, 50 Views

Fifty of the world’s greatest writers share their views in collaboration with the artist Matteo Pericoli, expanding our own views on place, creativity, and the meaning of home.

All of us, at some point in our daily lives, have found ourselves looking out the window. We pause in our work, tune out of a conversation, and turn toward the outside. Our eyes simply gaze, without seeing, at a landscape whose familiarity becomes the customary ground for distraction: the usual rooftops, the familiar trees, a distant crane. The way of life for most of us in the twenty-first century means that we spend most of our time indoors, in an urban environment, and our awareness of the outside world comes via, and thanks to, a framed glass hole in the wall.

Windows on the World is a profound and eye-opening look inside the worlds of writers, reminding us that the things we see every day are woven into our selves and our imaginations, making us keener and more inquisitive observers of our own

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November 12, 2014