Uitzicht uit mijn raam (The View Out My Window)

“In ‘The View Out My Window’, a series for the Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant, twelve well-known Dutch actors, writers, cabaret artists, and musicians have their personal window views drawn by Matteo Pericoli. In the intimate, accompanying texts, collected and edited by Misha Wessel, they share what they see every day. Something that normally remains hidden and private is revealed. What strikes them when they look through the window and why is the view dear to them? And what does it actually tell us about the way they see the world and, especially, themselves?”

«Your awareness of what happens outside is shaped by a framed square in the wall. A camera obscura of sorts with its own perspective. There is literally no other view like yours.»
— Matteo Pericoli

The series appeared in De Volkskrant (the Netherlands), between April and July 2018. A collaboration between Matteo Pericoli and documentary maker and journalist Misha Wessel.