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In Conversation with Dina Nayeri


Inventing Truth with Words and Lines

Whether in art or literature, what does it mean to tell the truth, or a version of the truth? And what might it mean to invent the truth in the service of a higher truth? Looking to Matteo Pericoli’s Windows On Elsewhere: 60 Refugees, 60 Views, a project with a collection of 60 window view drawings by Pericoli depicting the present window views of 60 persons who were forced to flee their countries, as well as looking to Dina Nayeri’s book, The Ungrateful Refugee, we will explore the role of invention (or “artful fudging” as Pericoli put it) in creation.

Bill Shipsey from Art for Amnesty and Alice McCrum from the American Library in Paris will moderate the conversation.

Free event. Click here to reserve a ticket.

The American Library in Paris
10 Rue du Général Camou
75007 Paris